Modern Public School Lalitpur

Modern Public School, Lalitpur was established in 1983 and is affiliated to the council for the Indian School Certificate Examination New Delhi and is having classes play center to XII with Science, Math’s and Commerce streams. It is setup on a vast area of 10 acre of land, away from city pollution and in natural clean and quiet environment at Jhansi Road Lalitpur.

All the class rooms are large, well ventilated and student friendly. It has a smart class room in every floor.

The school follows the ICSE Curriculum and the syllabus is enriched by feedback work sheets and subject integrated projects. Emphasis is laid on learning through application. A rich program of co-curricular activities in sports, dance, music, art, drama and hobby classes run parallel to academic curriculum. To promote healthy competition among the students, the school has a house system.

All the important festivals are observed in school with fun and gaiety, which create feeling of brotherhood and nationalism among the students. All religions (Sarva Dharma) prayer is held every Saturday during the assembly to inculcate secular values thus creating respect for fellow human beings and all creatures.

To help children to build their personality and to apply their abilities according to the inner laws of growth, we create circumstances whereby the children can find opportunities to find expression for their talents. To help them to imbibe the spirit of leadership and to reshape the future of the country so as to make it a happier place to live in.  To make them disciplined, courteous, devoted and respectful.

Our Vision

Right from their infancy, children are curious by nature. They passionately want to unravel the millions of mysteries that take the form of questions in their minds. It is a process which continues in every sphere of their lives - with parents at home, with friends and teachers at school, and with Mother Nature in general. In this continuous process of learning, the school provides nothing new, but presents the whole process of learning in a more systematic manner, instilling the wisdom into the deeper recesses of their ever developing minds.

The process of learning that we advocate and follow begins with initially training our young learners to organize themselves. Then comes automatic inspiration of progress which enables them to dive into the oceans and fly high into the skies. Ours is a system which makes the children learn independently adhering to the ideals of love and respect propounded by our own Indian Philosophy.

The children are like living clay, and it depends on their mentors as to what shape can be rendered unto them. This moulding and creating of a beautiful mind, to watch it grow , the unfolding of their mind petal by petal to its full bloom, adds to the amazement and the teachers are forever excited to share this amazement with the parents.

We know that the parents are all set to hand over their children, with full confidence in us, to make them better individuals who would together herald a change for a better world. And here we are aware of the tremendous responsibility that the school as well as the teachers carry on their shoulders to offer all they have in this happy process of “Nation Building”.